Hear what some of our Members have to say about the Entertainment™ Membership and why they love it!

Massive Saving of $1,440.00. Have used the book for years but I'm sure I have saved more since I started using the App!

(Darren Fergus via Facebook)

Used it for discount accommodation at Q1 Gold Coast and saved $300 off best other rate I could find; plus discount seaworld tickets. I absolutely love the digital edition of the book. So handy!

(Melanie Clark via Facebook)

I have used this for hire cars, accomodation, meals, movies, chemist discounts, time zone, so many to mention I have so far saved $1,750 and am still using the book . I have been purchasing the entertainment book for over 10 years and already have my new book

Tanya Walsh

I love the app. It makes it so easy. I always have my phone with me so can flick through to see if there are any vouchers when I am in an area. I found it easy to share with other people (something I was concerned about). Offers are updated everytime you open the app and the website is linked directly from the app so no need to log In again.

Naomi Millgate

love all the coffee coupons big savings and get to catch up with friends and family and shout them too!

Donna Faucher-Spiers (Christchurch, NZ)

I have saved heaps of money, in just 3 dinners I did recover the cost of the book I always use my book, movies, dinners, snacks,etc You should create one for the Eastern Suburbs thanks guys

Gianfranco Leon Rivera

I personally love the Digital Membership very much. It gives me the opportunity to use the membership whenever and wherever because I usually always have my mobile phone with me.

Kevin Yew

I absolutely love the digital book we bought one last year & have bought one again this year. I have saved $565 so far from my last book.

Bev Parkes

Bought one every year since they came out! Love it :)

Jeni Robinson (Brisbane, AU)

Bought my first book last year and I am looking forward to many more years with the Entertainment Book. :)

Cheryl Manfield

We have been buying the entertainment books for years. Our best saving was a few years ago on our honeymoon, we saved hundreds of dollars on accommodation using the 50% off resorts in Port Douglas. We never would have been able to afford to stay where we did and have the memories we have without using the discount ☺

Katie Lee (Gold Coast, AU)

Can't wait to get next year's edition of the Entertainment Book

Helen Mackenzie

Love the savings, we bought the book and the digital version and will do the same this year!!!

Alison Turner

Love tracking our savings on the Entertainment Digital version!

Leah Pett

Just bought my 3rd book for the year , you know why hehe. Buy one get one free excellent to entertain members visiting from all over the world . :)

Bob Ong (Wellington, NZ)

Looks very cool! Thanks again for the meal voucher, will use for our wedding anniversary.

Ruth Neil (Christchurch, NZ)

$370 and only used 11vouchers! I love the entertainment book!

Natalie Pearson (Sydney, AU)

Love the digital version!

Kristy Hill (Canberra, AU)

The new version of the App is working much better thank you guys - and the retailers are getting more used to electronic vouchers!

Fran Lowery (Auckland, NZ)

Just had a lovely Friday lunch out with my Man at Ravenhill Cafe, 25% off with the entertainment book - lovely way to start the weekend!

Fran Lowery (Auckland, NZ)

we used a meal voucher in Hanmer springs - I always look to see what is available and if I like it , I go back and use their services / meals again. It is a great way to try different places , but remember to go back to the ones you like and use them again!!!

Holly Traxler-Puddle (Christchurch, NZ)

Loved using my card for lunch and coffee dates in holidays and movies saved. $90.

Cathryn Williams (NSW South Coast, AU)

Great time at Ripleys Believe it or Not and lunch at Vapiano - massive savings

Leanne Fox (Gold Coast, AU)

Loved the Go Karting vouchers - great savings

Leanne Fox (Brisbane, AU)

Went bowling with the kids, San Churros, coffee club, shingle inn and a few others. Used it heaps and saved heaps too as we had a few birthday breakfasts and dinners in the holidays.

Carly Gonzalez (Brisbane, AU)

We bought a Melbourne book for our holiday (already own a parra and a syd book). We saved heaps especially on stuff like Melbourne aquarium, puffing billy, and the Melbourne star. Easily paid for our book and still saved money. :)

Fran McGovern (Sydney, AU)

Well, it was my best mates and my birthday, so we abandoned our kids (how glorious) and went out on Saturday night. We saved 25% off our cocktail and nibbles at Easy Tiger and we used the 2 for $20 Lido cinema voucher. We had about 3 1/2 of uninterrupted catch up time with the added bonus of getting discounts thanks to the entertainment book. I certainly get my money back every year.

Lisa McLean (Waikato, NZ)

I got a complimentary meal. A complimentary frappe. And went to paradise valley! I saved approx $60. I love my entertainment book.

Brian Neal (Waikato, NZ)

I LOVE my entertainment APP now that it's on my phone, I am using my membership weekly, especially on hire cars which I can re-use every tine. The minimum I'm saving is $46 automatically every two weeks. DEFINATELY value for money. I also love the fact that I don't have to carry the book around.

James Thompson (Newcastle, AU)

Amazing savings and the app works so well - you can save hundreds and even thousands of $ a year by using it

Catherine Halkyard (Sydney, AU)

Have bought a book for myself and a digital for my 19 year old son. Absolutely love them.

Leanne Rech

One of my savings was for mother's day. I took my family and was able to use my discount vouchers. I saved $65.00 - same price for the cost of the book!

Lina Quattrocchi

We don't go out much, but it only took a few outings to save us $150! :) thank you :)

Diane Moore

having four kids we have saved 444.45 so well worth the 65 investment

James Sharpe

I'm using it and I love it!

Peta Brennan

Mine for 14/15 was $1390 so challenge has been set to beat that for 15/16. Love the entertainment book!

Pieta Morris

I've Saved $771 so far J

Tracey Smith

Now that I have the new digital membership saving even more will be a breeze!

Linda Tsatas

Entertainment, you are great! For the new book we cannot wait! Cheers!

(Marc Warwick via Facebook)

I've saved $430.00

Auriole Cattermole

having four kids we have saved 444.45 so well worth the 65 investment

James Sharpe

It isn't just the savings but the fun of trying out new places.

Timothy Canavan

I've hardly used my book, but I've saved heaps.... Not to mention all the savings I've made that aren't linked in: Woolworths Wish cards ( which I use for my grocery shopping) ‪And on Accommodation bookings. ‪It's seriously a good buy

Renae Telo

We have saved hundreds on general admissions to places in NZ, food and drinks and then when we went to Gold Coast we saved heaps on our theme park tickets by buying online through the entertainment book-So impressed, already ordered my 2015 copy!!! I cant recommend highly enough.

Mel Burt

My wife uses this book all the time, l couldnt even count the savings as we use it for accomodation often , a great book that has allowed us to do so much at discounted prices

Peter Ryan

Have saved so much more this year by getting the digital copy, having it on the phone is so much more convenient

Karen Jones-Giacone

We don't go out much, but it only took a few outings to save us $150! ‪J ‪thank you

Diane Moore

Love the digital membership!

Michelle Row

Digital and love it so much easier and very user friendly. Just type the suburb in and all vouchers in this area come up! Brilliant

Lisa Marshall

I've just bought the digital edition, yesterday was my first day- day one saved me $135 already!

Helen Riley-Duddin

So far I got $415 value.

Martina Viebrock

I've saved over $600 on groceries and fuel by purchasing the Wish Gift Cards at 5% off. Then the dining& entertainment offers are on extra to this!

Jo Jones

Digital Edition is fantastic, have saved $184

Richard Warlow

I buy the book every year and have absolutely loved using the app rather than carrying the vouchers around, I have managed to save $801 so far and loving it!Thank you entertainment book, you allow me to enjoy all the great restaurants without breaking the bank!!:)

Alex Benjamin

I had the app last year and it was awesome ‪always found somewhere to use it when we were out and about and found heaps of awesome restaurants etc that we would never have tried. The app is always there and always handy. Worth it

Janell Wilson

The app is fantastic !!

Deidre Fenner

I love love love the digital app. I've been using the book for many years and would often forget to pop it into the car and then miss opportunities when out. When the digital method first came out there were some places who weren't sure of the redeem process but most of them would have a giggle while we tried to work it out. I bought mine online last year through the guide dogs I think, as I don't have anyone with a school affiliation anymore.

Kerri-Ann Farr

I will be getting the digital membership again - it was great, had no probs with it and we loaded it on both mine and hubby's phones so either of us could use. Whenever we feel like going out now we usually check to see what vouchers we haven't yet redeemed. I'm using it a lot more than I used the book.

Steph Miller

Thrilled with the recent customer service from Entertainment Book Gold Coast! Will definitely keep recommending them to other people! #loveabargain #keepupthegreatwork #thanks

Jemma Vanderboon

Love the digital version!

Curves Fulham Gardens (South Australia)

I just joined for the first time, just used my first coupon. Love it this far!

Nadine Fabbri Liddle

love my entertainment book

Maree Elliott

Wouldn't be without mine.

Trudy Purcell

I love the app this year. This total doesn't include hotel savings plus a few freebies where the venue let me come back and use discount again

Michelle Shell Miller

Love this new digital version

Kylie Devellerez

It is fantastic! Great service! I will stick with digital version then!

Frida Dai

Love the digital membership. So convenient & much better than the big, bulky book.

Susan Baker

The digital membership is a fabulous idea... I have one!

Clare Neal

Saved heaps in the last couple of weeks using the entertainment book.

Margaret Rose

I'd use it more if I didn't have children and it was easier to go out for dinner with hubby!!!!

Nicole Zito (Tasmania, AU)

Digital. Love it.

Lady Lou Canning

Great books!

Sharon Duncan

Loving the digital! So easy to use.

Sam Eeles

It's soooo convenient too. I thoroughly recommend the digital version :-)

(Helen Perna via FACEBOOK)

Went a couple years back using entertainment book saved heaps thank you

Linda Taylor

Great books

Sharon Duncan

Happy with my savings. I use digital more than ever.

Sally Guthrie

Been loving the app this time around

Dan Ryan